Sunday, November 30, 2008


I made it through the month and managed to post every day. I think I will try to keep posting every day or two since I still have a bit of a blog backlog. One of these days I will press gang Ken into being my photographer (unless he wants to be my model instead).

Today's knitting was all about the toy. I now have two arms, a trunk, a head and two ears (not pictured). Thanks to a trip to Fabricland for some stuffing these bits actually look like body parts; for a while they looked like monochromatic deflated balloons.

I've started on the first leg. The only problem I can foresee at this point is a lack of worsted weight black yarn. I will either have to use a few strands of sock yarn held together or I will have to spin up some of my black Alpaca. Decisions, decisions.

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Joan said...

Alpaca hair -- how posh! If you knit a female vampire you will have to dye mohair so she can have curls.