Friday, November 14, 2008

Spinning my wheels

Today I did absolutely no knitting. This morning I tucked in the ends of yesterday's hat then washed it and blocked it on a dinner plate to stretch it out a bit (I'll have to get some modeled pictures in the next couple of days). This was as close to knitting as it got, though.

Instead I played around with my spinning wheel. First I spun the blue BFL that I dyed last May. It came out to about 170 yards of sock weight yarn. Then I spun up a sample of some BFL that I dyed blue/yellow/green a couple of days ago. The result has a bit too much contrast so I think I will try over dying with some more blue to eliminate the bright yellow and produce a more even green.

Of course a few pictures would go a long way to explaining what I mean but my camera batteries died so they will have to wait until tomorrow. Sigh. I'm going to end up having to do a post that is nothing but a collection of photos: the hat being worn, the sweater in natural daylight, the other sweater I haven't shown yet, the yarn I'm spinning... I'm going have to press gang Ken in the next few days to help me take all these photos. But first I will have to wait for my camera batteries to recharge.

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