Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sleeve and a half

It was just as well that I blogged before dinner last night. Had I waited until I got home I would probably have technically missed posting every day. I'm posting early again today in part because I managed to snag a picture before the daylight disappeared and in part because dinner plans are once again threatening my late night posts.

This morning I finished one sleeve (with inches of the Coopworth and BFL left over) and now I'm about half done the second sleeve. You may notice that I used corrugated ribbing at the neckline and hemline. I decided that I'm not crazy about this in part because it seems to be curling. I could probably fix the curling by ripping out my cast off row and redoing it with a smaller needle but I think I will just rip it entirely.

The sleeve I finished using garter stitch and I'm much happier with how that worked out. So the plan is now to finish the second sleeve and then go back and redo the neckline and hemline to match the sleeves. such are the joys of designing on the fly.

The reason I wanted to do corregated ribbing in the first place was that I liked how the two blue/green yarns blended into each other in the swatch. Since I needed to have a stripe of brown between them in the body of the sweater I wanted to at least put them next to each other for the edgings. The corrugated ribbing just didn't fit this sweater though. I'm still putting them next to each other since I have made the garter stitch progress from a brown stripe to BFL stripe and finally to a Coopworth stripe.

And now back to knitting.


Mae said...

It looks very good!!!
I'm jealous of how quickly you seem to have large projects flying off the needles. My life is becoming more and more consumed by small projects lately!!!

Jennette said...

It does look great!