Saturday, November 22, 2008

Determining progress

I've spun up the wine coloured yarn and now I'm just waiting for it to dry to see how close to a bulky yarn I managed to get. In the mean time I'm knitting away at my lace shawl (and ignoring the sweaters that still need sewing up). The lace is nice and easy and repetitive so progress has been pretty fast.

The thing about shawls like this, which start out with very short rows and then get longer and longer rows, is that it is hard to tell just how much you have completed. It takes no time to add inches to the length at the start but you know it will take forever by the end. Since I like to know how far I still have to go, I broke out the basic algebra and geometry.

The shawl is a simple equilateral triangle with the base twice the length of the height. All I want is what percentage I have finished at any given point in the knitting. I could have figured it out row by row but I don't need anything that precise so I figured it out based on chart repeats. Assuming I am knitting the shawl with the suggested 9 repeats, after one repeat I'm 1% finished; after two I'm 5%; after three I'm 11%; after four I'm 20%; after five 31%; 44% after 6; 60% after 7; and 79% after 8.

I'm almost finished my fourth repeat tonight. I'll update my Ravelry progress bar.


Anonymous said...

I tried to send this last night but unsuccessfully. The comments were - how nice to have math to fall back on while knitting repetitive patterns. I also complained that all I have is TV and no pattern. I do, however, have the dictionary to check my bad spelling.
I was given two Mon Tricot knitting dictionaries translated from French with French, English, German, Spanish and Italian knitting vocabulary. Can't find a publishing date but there is a Montreal distributers sticker on one. Joan

Briley said...

I think it is so funny that you have calculated the % of progress per repeat finished. I do the same thing! I don't know why I have to know that.