Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3 wool sweater

I really need to stop posting at night if I want to take nice pictures of my darker projects. After playing around with flashes and various sources of indoor light I think I have managed to capture the colours. Actual daylight would have been easier.

I'm knitting this sweater from the top just like the last sweater. I've modified the neckline, though, so that it is scoop necked. My favorite sweaters have scoop necks so I decided that was the way to go. I used the Autumn Rose's neckline as a rough guide and from some preliminary fittings I think it will work. It is hard to tell, though, when the needles are still in the thing and the neckband is absent.

I think I will have enough yarn, but I'm really glad to be knitting from the top. When I get the sweater as long as I want I plan to device my balls of yarn evenly and knit the sleeves until I run out of yarn or they hit my wrists. I can live with 3/4 sleeves if it turns out I'm short. Based on how much yarn I used for my Fonn I'm pretty sure I will have enough for full sleeves.

If this all works out then I will know that I can get a simple sweater out of a pound of fiber. Sweaters may actually become cheaper to spin and knit than to buy. At least if I am making them for myself and don't need to take production time into account.


Briley said...

I love the way the colours look together!

OzB said...

Looking good J :-)