Monday, November 3, 2008

Endless End

I always forget just how long it takes to get a sweater off the needles. Last night I was sure that I would have this sweater done sometime this morning. But then there was some ripping out and reknitting to get the cuffs the right length and look. Then picking up and knitting the neck sucked up a bunch of time.

So now I just need to finish up the bottom so that it matches the rest. Then there's the tucking in of ends. So much for finishing in the morning; it is a good thing I wasn't tempted to try to finish up before going to bed last night. It doesn't look like it will be finished tonight before I go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll finish it for sure and have a chance to wash and block it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the super wash wool doesn't make it stretch out too much. I did knit a swatch and wash it but the weight of the whole sweater will probably make it inaccurate. At least this sweater is knit from the top so if it gets too long it is easier to rip out and adjust. Needless to say I'd still rather not have to rip anything out.

I'll post pictures tomorrow when its finished and there's decent light.

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