Monday, November 10, 2008

Inches away

The 3 wool sweater should be finished by tomorrow. I finished the last sleeve and ripped out the ribbing at the hem and neck. I reknit the hem and then almost finished the neckline.

The sweater might even have been finished if I hadn't run out of Coopworth trying to finish off. I've solved this by ripping out the hem again. I will reknit it with fewer rows of each colour in the garder stitch. Gah.

Actually, since I'm already ripping back I think I might rip further back and add some short row shaping to the back of the sweater. I really don't like my sweaters gaping at the back and a few extra rows of reknitting are worth it to fix this problem (at least if I'm already having to rip back).

It is a good thing I estimated this would be done by Tuesday, otherwise I might feel more frustrated with all of the backtracking. Tomorrow there will be finished photos. I promise. (I really hope this is a promise I will be keeping).


Briley said...

can't wait for the photos!

K said...

This is why I find the idea of sweater-knitting daunting - I don't know if I could bear to rip back, unless things had gone very seriously wrong!

OzB said...

Where in the back will you add the short rows Jen?? Around the waist or higher up?