Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shawl progress

A quick post after spending an enjoyable evening at the Ariadne knit night.

Today I managed to knit an inch and a half on my green shawl/blanket. Most of this progress was managed while waiting for my number to be called so I could get Quebec plates for my car. (I can't believe how few people bring something to entertain themselves in such situations. Even before I knit I would pack a book to keep myself from dying of boredom and frustration.)

I spent most of this evening working on my Cliete. I've just started the 7th repeat of the chart and looking at the available yarn I'm pretty sure there won't be 9 repeats. If I'm lucky I might get 8 repeats out of my remaining yarn. Judging by its current length that might be enough. I will probably only spin more yarn if I run out mid repeat (or mid row).

I only have a hastily taken photograph but it gives a vague sense of the length and the way the yarn is producing the occasional stripe. Tomorrow I'll be sure to grab a picture in natural light and with the shawl more stretched out.

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