Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching up

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I got caught up knitting with my hand spun and then I caught a cold which derailed my knitting and blogging plans for a couple of weeks. Despite a cough that doesn't seem to want to go away I am feeling better and am ready to sow off my recent knitting.

My most recently started and finished project is a pair of monkey socks. I ran across my Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn leftovers and decided that I had enough for another pair of socks. I was almost right. I dug up some leftover Louet fingering yarn for the toes and now I have a new pair of socks.
Before I got sidetracked by easy socks I was working on a couple of pairs of Wintergreen mittens. I knit the first mitten on 3.25 mm needles without swatching and it came out just barely large enough. I like it enough that I'm not going to frog it but I decided to knit another pair on larger needles. The second pair is going to be a gift and I've been fiddling with the pattern to get it just right. I won't go into all of the details right now but here is a picture of the first mitten and the first attempt at the second pair of mittens.
I thought I might prefer green on white but then I decided that white on green really looked better so I frogged. Since then I've been through so many different adjustments that these mittens really need their own post. I will mention, though that these are knit out of the green handspun BFL that I dyed and the white Faulkland's two-ply that I originally spun as part of my 3 wool sweater. I'm glad I didn't use it in the sweater because it is perfect for these mittens.
Finally here is the octagonal baby blanket that I knit in garter stitch using the Garnet merino and the Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale I spun last month. I'm planning to embellish it with a couple of knit stars and then get it in the mail for a friends' baby who is due at the beginning of March. Looking at the baby blanket and my newest socks I'd say I'm on a blue/purple and red jag.