Saturday, June 21, 2008

Almost finished?

So I've finished knitting the various bits of the Tempest sweater. Now I need to seam it up and knit some hems and button bands. At the moment it doesn't look like much. Blocking will make a huge difference but I'm curious how well this sweater will hold up to regular wear. I'm already detecting a dangerous snag factor.

I meant to spend my day off today finishing this sweater. Instead I went to do some gardening and it ended up eating a lot more time than anticipated. Note to self do not abandon a garden for a month. The weeds had reached epic size. I still need to spend some serious time gardening before it starts really looking like an actual vegetable garden.

Since gardening ate up so much of my time an energy he sweater is still in pieces. Worryingly I cast on for a new sweater sos it may be a while before I bring myself to sitting down and figuring out how to seam this thing. The new sweater is pretty much seamless. Ask me why.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More about toads

Gah, it's been too long without a blog post. Since I last posted I started to knit Tempest, decided I wasn't completely sure about the colours I chose, restarted with a new yarn, and am now a sleeve and a half from finishing. But I have no photos due to a combination of weather, free time and having the stairs of our apartment painted. The first picture of this sweater will probably be the modeled finished shot. Oh well, at least I have been finding time for knitting.

Since I don't have any knitting pictures I thought I'd share a picture from work. I've been keeping my eye on a little toad tadpole that came inside on some plants. Today I discovered that it was no longer a tadpole. It was a tiny little toad. I found him a nice spot outside so he can keep growing into a helpful, full size, bug-eating toad.

And yes I realize this blog is becoming a knitting/spinning/toad blog but what can you do when they are so cool.