Saturday, June 21, 2008

Almost finished?

So I've finished knitting the various bits of the Tempest sweater. Now I need to seam it up and knit some hems and button bands. At the moment it doesn't look like much. Blocking will make a huge difference but I'm curious how well this sweater will hold up to regular wear. I'm already detecting a dangerous snag factor.

I meant to spend my day off today finishing this sweater. Instead I went to do some gardening and it ended up eating a lot more time than anticipated. Note to self do not abandon a garden for a month. The weeds had reached epic size. I still need to spend some serious time gardening before it starts really looking like an actual vegetable garden.

Since gardening ate up so much of my time an energy he sweater is still in pieces. Worryingly I cast on for a new sweater sos it may be a while before I bring myself to sitting down and figuring out how to seam this thing. The new sweater is pretty much seamless. Ask me why.


OzB said...

Gardening vs knitting....hmm...quite the conundrum LOL.

I know what you mean about the snag factor....not that I've snagged my piece of sweater yet, BUT...

Since you asked...why are you knitting the next one without seams?? LAUGHING..

Brenda said...

Tell me more about eh snag factor. I am planning on making this sweater. But expensive yarn - lots of time - I don't want a snag snafu.

Jedimom said...

Can't wait to see that sweater finished. I love your striping!