Thursday, September 25, 2008

Return of the Blog!

Oh poor abandoned blog. First it was a summer spent working at a water garden center, which limited the time and energy I had to spend on knitting and blogging, then it was an August spent driving (from London, On. to Regina, Sk. and back then to Montreal and back and then to Montreal again) and packing and moving, and finally it was a September spent making myself at home in a new city. It has been a busy few months! I am now settled in Montreal and am in the right mood to spin and knit and blog about it.

Since last I posted I have finished a sweater and a shawl. Poor Tempest still needs to be sewn up and finished as does Juno. It doesn't help that I've cast on for a vest and I'm spending quite a bit of time spinning. Poor, poor unfinished sweaters. Now that it is feeling like fall my desire to wear wool may finally overcome my reluctance to sit down and sew my sweaters together. I don't like having so many unfinished things on the needles at once unless I am actively in the process of finishing them.

Anyway, the blog is back. I will start posting my finished projects in the next few days and will hopefully finish the other projects shortly. In the meantime it is just nice to have time to blog again.


OzB said...

Oh, welcome back Jenny! I've missed reading your blog and hearing about your spinning/knitting adventures! Glad you're all settled in Montreal now. Hope to see you soon for the quilt!

Now git and finish some wips [laughing]!

Meredith said...

Welcome back Jenny!! It's great to hear from you again. Have fun in Montreal. :D