Saturday, November 29, 2008

Almost over and newly cast on

Then end of November is upon us. At this point there is no hope of the abandoned sweaters being finished (or even worked on) by the end of the month. I have also failed to post the sweater I finished some time ago but which has yet to be properly photographed. Also the hand spun sweater and the two Urchins deserve proper photos.

Some, but not all of this may be rectified tomorrow. Today I spent a little time working on my green shawl but most of my time on a new project. I bought the pattern and cast on for Vincent the Vampire. I've never knit a toy before and this one has so many charming little details.
The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and since I have the white Faulklands that didn't get used in the sweater I'm using it. I'm pretty sure that a dig through my stash should yield a black yarn of this weight. I will have to go out and buy some stuffing, though.

So far I have the trunk knit and half of the head. This should be a reasonably quick knit. It should also be a good gift for my nephew (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read my blog). Depending on how long this takes to knit I'm tempted to make an extra sweater for the toy; vampires have casual Fridays too right?

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OzB said...

Oh Vinnie is adorable :-)

Don't worry about not finishing some projects and not photographing others. It's the time of the year.... I'm sure we'll see them soon! You've accomplished so much this month. Congrats on a great month's posting! I've enjoyed reading.