Friday, November 7, 2008

Splitting for the arms

This sweater is just flying off the needles. By the end of knit night yesterday it was more or less the length I was looking for. I added another stripe just to be sure and then put on a fancy ribbing. I also picked up and knit the neck band because I wanted to have the whole body done before I split the yarn for the sleeves.

So tonight a wound the yarn back onto my niddy noddy and learned that I have 96 yards of Coopworth, 86 yards of BFL, and 216 yards of Dark Welsh left. I split each type of yarn into two equal balls and I can now start on the sleeves. I'm really not sure what length of sleeve this yardage will get me. Oh the excitement of a mystery.

Trying the sweater on I find it a bit loose. Comparing it to my Tangled Yoke, which I like the fit of, I find it is just about right. Part of the difference is that the hand spun has way more drape. I think another part of the difference is that sweaters in progress never fit like finished sweaters. One of the benefits of knitting top down is that it is easy to try on as you go. One of the downsides is that trying on as you go only gives you a general sense of how well it fits. This can lead to a lot of second guessing and thoughts of ripping back.

I am going to persevere and knit the sleeves before I decide if the body is too long. The way this sweater is going it should only be a couple of days before I know if I need to rip back. Hurray for quick projects.


Briley said...

It's amazing how you are racing through this!

OzB said...

Do you have bloody turbo chargers on your needles? Wow, you're knitting that fast. And I love the colours :-)