Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo 2

It's November and I want to get back into the habit of blogging so I've decided to do NaBloPoMo again. I think this should actually make me write about all of the projects I'm working on or have finished since this summer. Hurray for motivation!

I was going to start with the random 5 meme that OzB tagged me for but I think I will leave that until tomorrow. Tonight I'm obsessed with the idea of knitting myself a sweater out of my own handspun. That I knit a swatch, washed it and am now waiting for it to dry is one of the only reasons I haven't cast on already.

It all started back in September while I was trying to get a sense of my new neighbourhood. I discovered that Ariadne Knits was within walking distance and that it advertised some spinning supplies. I picked out a 4 oz braid of dark BFL dyed with blues and greens. As I was spinning it up I decided that it would be nice as part of an argyle sweater.

I went back to Ariadne and got another 4 oz braid of Coopworth dyed in the same blues and greens. Because it was a white fleece the colours were much clearer and I hoped that they would make the colours in the dark fleece show up a bit more.

I then spun some of the 2 lbs of Falkland wool that I bought some time ago from Hello Yarn.

The yarns then sat around for several weeks while I debated whether I really wanted to knit an argyle vest or whether I wanted to go with something simpler like stripes. Then the other day I happened to move things around and ended up setting the dark BFL next to some Dark Welsh that I spun up on a whim while trying to spin loosely. The yarns looked so good together that I decided that the Dark Welsh needed to be part of whatever I knit up.

So today I finally took pictures of all this yarn and decided that I have enough for a sweater instead of just a vest. I knit up a swatch using 3 different needle sizes and a variety of stripes. Although I spun the white Falkland especially for this project I think I will leave it out. Looking at the swatch I think the 3 darker wools look really good together but the white just doesn't fit. I have about 590 yards of Dark Welsh, 290 yards of the blue/green BFL and 290 yards of the blue/green Coopworth; all three yarns are somewhere between a DK and a Worsted weight. I think I will alternate Dark Welsh stripes with blue/green stripes.

I really hope that I have enough yarn to complete this project because I don't think I can easily get more of any of it.


Briley said...

What about dying some of the Falkland so you can be certain you have enough. Although, it sounds like you have a enough yardage in the coloured wools for a sweater for me, and I am going to guess you are smaller.

OzB said...

Yah, dyeing wome of the Falkland might be a good idea. I love the other yarns together. Depending upon the sweater you want to may or may not have enough yardage.

You've spun some beautiful yarn Jen :-) Glad to read your blog again :-)