Saturday, November 17, 2007


I started these mittens (Selbuvotter's #13) yesterday. It looked like they were going to be a bit big but I convinced myself that I would either give them a bit of a felting/fulling or add in a lining. I finally took a good look at how the thumb is added and decided that I really wasn't crazy about them. The mitten will be frogged.

This is a wise decision, I think, since this yarn is new to me (it is a fingering weight romney wool that reminds me a lot of the shetland spindrift) and I'm not sure hoe much it is going to change when I wash it. So I will be actually knitting a gauge swatch to test the wool's reaction to a good washing. I know I should have done this first but I was caught up in the excitement of casting on a new project.

my other mystery project is on hold because I managed to loose of of my DPNs and I'm waiting for a new package to be delivered. Luckily the socks I cast on yesterday are working out well. The yarn is Louet Gems super fine and the pattern is Waterfall socks. This will be my third pair of socks in this pattern; I love these socks because they are a great combination of ribbing and lacyness.

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anne said...

thanks for the shoutout jenny! i'm glad you like those socks . . i should make another pair.