Friday, November 2, 2007

Good sock luck #1

If you recall back in August I posted a picture of these Waterfall socks I was making for a secret pal out of a lovely red Trekking sock yarn. I really like how they turned out but then my secret pal disappeared. So I got to keep these and instead I knit another pair of Waterfall socks for my new secret pal.

None of this bothered me too much but it did leave me with a pair of socks that didn't really feel like they were mine. For one thing they were a bit too big; my secret pall had size 9 feet and I have size 8ish. As a sock knitter I knew I could unravel the toe and make the sock fit me, since they were top down socks, but I couldn't really bring myself to do it. I still wore them now and then but they always felt like someone else's socks.

A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends came to visit me from Regina. Veronica and I have been great friends since elementary school, though we don't get to see enough of each other now that we are living in different provinces. While she was out here visiting we made a weekend trip to Toronto to see Sarah, who has been our great friend since grade 8. I packed my Autumn Rose sweater to wear and a few pairs of my knitted socks, including the too large Waterfalls. Much wonderful hanging out, walking around, and eating occurred (as well as a 'quick' trip to the yarn store). It is always a joy to hang out with best friends.

At one point I was knitting away on a sock while we sat around her apartment and I thought to ask Sarah what size her feet are. Low and behold they are size 9. I dug the Waterfall socks out of my bag and sure enough they fit her. It was a lovely confluence of events. The socks that didn't feel like they belonged to me now belonged to Sarah.

So now both my best friends have hand made socks, since I knit Veronica a pair back in August. I now also know what size of socks to knit for my best friends and I can see this information being useful in the coming holiday season.

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