Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bad sock luck #3

I will warn you that this is pretty bad. I have actually had to work up to posting this because I've been secretly hoping that ignoring it might make it magically go away.

You will recall that I went to some trouble to knit myself a pair of Nancy Bush's Norwegian Stockings. I basically knit 5 socks and ended up with two pair. When I washed them I noticed that the black bled a little into the red and white. I could have taken my time and just rinsed them repeatedly in cool water until I got the extra dye out but instead I decided to speed things up with a bit of RIT colour remover.

The result was that the RIT took all of the colour out of the red yarn (I guess superwash merino is as easy to undye as it is to dye) and somehow managed to put some of that red into some of the white yarn. This happened to all 4 socks because I was doing both pairs at once. Despair and damnation.

So now I have to find a way to redo the red bits (I'm thinking either stitching over them, colouring them in with a fabric pen or cutting off the top and reknitting it) and a way to get the red out of the white (I'm thinking with the very careful application of a bleach pen.) Of course the little crazy voice in my head is saying that I could always just knit another pair. So far I've managed to ignore the crazy voice.

Since I don't want to bum anyone out too much here's a picture of my cat. She looks better all stretched out than my doomed socks do.


knitty_kat said...

eeek! They are lovely even without the red. Maybe you can get the rest of the red out and wear them as is? Just make another pair with the red??

Briley said...

I agree with kkat. I'm really glad I read this post. I now know not to use that product on hand knits. It seems like a perfectly logical thing. Have you tried those dye absrobtion sheets they have for laundry now? It's supposed to help with stuff that bleeds.