Sunday, November 25, 2007

One down

uzume 1
I'm so glad I picked up this Uzume sock again. I had been frustrated trying to pick up stitches neatly along the flap of the heel because the yarn is so dark. I decided not to keep trying to do something that wasn't working and instead I opted for a nice short row heel. I got the new heel from my favorite Waterfall sock pattern and added in a bit of eye of partridge for good wear. I've already cast on for the second sock of this pair so I should have a finished object in a few days. Hurray for gifts that are ready to be given.

I've mentioned it before (I think) that I love these really dark Trekking colours. They are darker in real life than in the pictures and they almost look iridescent. A Peacock Feather Shawl would look wonderful in this yarn I imagine.

Right now I'm waiting for my Blue Moon Fiber yarn to arrive so that I can start of my Irtfa'a shawl. Yesterday I got an email from the postal service saying that they are getting ready to ship it. With any luck at all it will arrive before I leave for my very early Christmas trip home. Cross your fingers.

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