Monday, November 5, 2007

Good sock luck #2...

...and a finished knit.
Kilt Hose Front
So after the unfortunate results I got with the ShiBui yarn, I actually bought the yarn called for in the pattern while I was in Toronto. Not only did I buy the brand of yarn called for in the pattern but I also bought the colour called for, too. This is a strange thing for me to do when it comes to socks.

Pattern: Highland Scottische Kilt Hose, from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks
Yarn: Brown Sheep Company's Nature Spun Sport, 3 balls of Ash
Needles: Metal DPNs size 2.75mm
Modifications: none (!)

I managed to knit these using only 3 balls of the yarn instead of the called for 4. I have about 10 meters left over from knitting for a size 8 woman's foot. I only bought 3 balls because it was all the store had in a colour that I liked and I was crossing my fingers that this wouldn't lead to another bad luck sock post. Hurray, it worked out for me this time.

Now all I need is a nice skirt/kilt to go with these.
Kilt Hose Back

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Briley said...

Wow, they are so lovely!