Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Another lousy photo, but it shows one of my fingerless mitts all but done. The problem is that I am knitting these with leftover yarn, which I carefully divided in two, and I've run out. Ideally I would knit a couple more rows of ribbing at the top of the mitt and a few rows of ribbing around the thumb hole.
My plan is now to knit the second mitt in the hopes of having a bit more yarn leftover on it. If I don't have slightly more yarn, or God forbid I have less, I will place the thumb hole a bit lower on the mitt and make up the hand length that way.
In other yarn news, my Knit Picks order was delivered today. I now have the yarn I need to knit my brother's Christmas present sweater. Now I need to get together with him to discuss fitting and other pertinent details. I won't show pictures of the yarn tonight, since I'm sure it will soon dominate my blog and you will be lucky to see anything but it.

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Susan T-O said...

You could get a bit of contrasting yarn & knit the ribbing with that on both mitts. When I'm knitting things in pairs, I work on both at the same time; two sets of needles & one item at each end of a center-pull ball & alternate 1 pattern repeat (or 10 rows if doing something like rib) on each. That way if I run short, it's at the same point on each item & I can adjust accordingly.