Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I give up

Even after working away at the unfinished sock at knit night tonight it is still only at the heel. There is sadly no way that this pair of socks will be done in time for dinner tomorrow. Unless I called in sick at work... no, these socks will go unfinished.

Happily, though, I realized that while they would be late as a birthday present, they are a Christmas present ready well before they are needed. So the plan is that I will get something else as a present for tomorrow and hold these in reserve for Christmas.

Since they will eventually be a gift I will not be able to knit on them at tomorrow's party. Perhaps I should pack my spindle...

1 comment:

OzB said...

[laughing] You'd do anything to spin instead of knit....even sabotage your gift giving! Bad. Very, very bad LOL. Actually, I think it was a brilliant idea!