Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keep going

Today I ignored the siren call of spinning and plugged away at the pair of socks I need done by Wednesday evening. I'm about half way through the foot portion of the first sock, so things are looking good.The trouble with tight deadlines is that they don't allow for a lot of ripping back to fix mistakes. I managed to make a couple of mistakes in the heel portion of this sock. The first mistake (and the only one I was even tempted to go back and try to fix) left me with an odd number of stitches after I'd finished the turn when I should have had an even number. I'm not sure where I made the mistake but if I had had more time I might have ripped back and redone the whole heel turn. Whatever went wrong here I will try not to repeat it on the second sock.

The second mistake that I realized part way through the gusset decreases involved not remembering that I had 4 more stitches on the last needle than on the other three. The result is that, instead of working the heel flap and turn on half of the sock's stitches, I worked it on just under half of the stitches. I decided I could live with this, as long as the second sock is made to match.

Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have this sock finished and it's twin progressing nicely.

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