Monday, November 23, 2009

Look what I have

The once-birthday-and-now-Christmas-present socks are finally finished. What is more, I have actual natural lighting pictures of them:
I'm pretty pleased with these and I really hope they fit. Next on my Christmas knitting agenda is a hat, I think.

Of course I could have cast on a new project once the socks were finished, but instead I spun a bit on my spindle and then spun a bit more on my wheel. I didn't take any pictures of this work but I did snap a quick shot of the little skein of finished Romney spun up on my new spindle:

The yarn is about a fingering weight and I don't have a whole lot of it. I'm sure I will find something to do with it. I should soon have another little skein of a lighter coloured Romney spun up on my wheel. Perhaps I will have enough for a small hat or something. We shall see.

1 comment:

OzB said...

Pretty socks and pretty little Romney skein!

I still have my little skein of yarn I spun on my spindle....thanks for the reminder!