Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food and fiber

Well, I took full advantage of having today off. I slept in, did some knitting, did some spinning prep, did some spinning proper and made quiche and sweet potato pie. I did not, however take day-lit photographs. In fact, by the time I decided to take pictures for my blog (which was well after I had eaten quiche and pie), I couldn't find where I had put my knitting project. So instead, here is a picture of some of the rolags I made out of the Shetland fleece sample:

I decided that I wanted to try spinning it with a worsted draw so instead of rolling the fleece off my handcarders top to bottom I rolled it side to side. This results in funny little rolags that are much shorter than the usual variety. I think I've spun a bit more than half; this picture is of all that remain.

I can't say that spinning Shetland this way is all that easy, but with mix of really different fiber lengths I don't think that spinning it woolen would be much simpler. I plan to prep the white Shetland to be spun woolen to see if I'm right about this.

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