Friday, November 13, 2009

Big plans

Well, I managed to do almost nothing on the fibery front today. I spun a few more yanrds on my new spindle before work but that was about all. I have lucked into a 3 day weekend, though, so I'm planning to redeem myself. I have a pair of socks to make major headway on. I would also like to finish my fingerless gloves before it is too late to wear them. There is also spinning and plying to be done. With any luck this will be a very productive weekend.

But it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Spinning (or knitting) before work, just seems like such a slippery slope. I have enough trouble getting to work on time as it is.

OzB said...

I knit before work too - then again I work where I live LOL.