Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working my fingers to the bone

Well not really but I have got a red spot on the finger I used for tension and I put a bandaid on my left index finger where I help push the yarn off the needle. I love the sweater in progress but lopi is not the easiest yarn to work with. A couple of times I have had to set the sweater down and switch to a sock. The up side is that I have now started the colour-work yoke.

I would have had more knit except that the first time I tried to knit the first row of the colour-work I missed a dropped stitch right at the beginning. I ripped back, picked up the stitch and redid the row. This was when I realized that the pattern was not symmetrically centered along the front of the sweater. I love symmetry and I didn't even think to check to see if the pattern was written with that in mind. Since the instructions call for an even number of stitches on both the front and back it was impossible to center the pattern. So I ripped back to where I had attached the sleeves and rearranged them so that there is an odd number of stitches along the front and back. Then I needed to figure out where I should start on the charts so that things would line up nicely.

But now all of that is done and I can start making progress again. That is if my fingers can survive the abuse.


Joan said...

I can send you my Lopi hangnails!


Meredith said...

The sweater is looking great! Be gentle on your poor hands though, there's lots more knitting to be done. Glad you are enjoying it so much though! :D