Saturday, February 9, 2008

Done and almost done

The sweater, she is finished. This was a fun knit, though a bit hard on the hands. I'm hoping that a good soak in wool wash will slightly soften the yarn. If the sweater is anything like the hat I knit out of Lopi, washing will certainly make the yarn fuzzier.

Pattern: Fonn. I made the smallest size which gives me a little bit of negative ease over the bust.

Yarn: A ball and a bit of 'ash heather' Lett-Lopi and 8 balls of 'black heather' Lett-Lopi. I think there must be a mistake in the pattern because it claims that all but the largest size should take 10 balls of the black.

Modifications: I made a couple of changes to improve fit. First, I added a couple short rows to the back half because people have longer backs than fronts. I also changed the position of the sleeves slightly so that the back has 75 and the front has 69 stitches(instead of both having 72).

Having an odd number of stitches along the front and back let me center the motif perfectly. I am a stickler for symmetry in these kinds of things and it annoyed me that as written the motifs would be off center by one stitch. Yes, I can be a bit obsessive, why do you ask?

I also added a motif around the edge of the sleeve so that the yoke wasn't getting all of the attention.

In other knits, I have almost finished my red socks. In fact, had I not chosen to play scrabble this evening they would be done by now. I need to knit the picot edge on one and tuck in the ends but that is it. Tomorrow I will post a picture of them, finished and ready to go.


Meredith said...

I don't know how you do it. That was a really quick knit!! Beautiful sweater as always and good job on the mods. That sweater looks fantastic on you! :D

Anonymous said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously! I love the touch of the colorwork at the wrists. So great! :)

Briley said...

The sweater is fantastic! I always was my lopi pieces in HOT water. It softens the yarn quite a bit, and I really don't have a problem with shrinking (oh, but the white could turn gray, hmm...) as long as you let it cool slowly. Try hot washing a black & white test swatch in hot, and see if it works.