Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trust me

It is too late to take pictures but I want to keep up my every second day routine. My sweater now has two sleeves and about 4 inches of body. It may turn out that there is actually less than 4 inches since I haven't actually measured it and I tend to be optimistic about how fast I can knit. For example I thought that this sweater might have been done by the end of the weekend. Sorry to have let you all down. At least I'll have something to knit at knit night tomorrow.

With all the sweater focus my poor plain socks haven't grown since I last posted. So I guess I'll have a couple of things to work at knit night.

I'll post some photos tomorrow when I have more time and more light.

p.s. You can rest easy. My mother helpfully pointed out that I misspelled 'stockinette' in my last post. I would go back and fix it but then she wouldn't have anything to bug me about. I kid of course. She will always find something to bug me about.

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