Thursday, February 28, 2008

After thought sock

Spring break is messing with my blogging schedule. There is no good reason for it to but there is something about knowing you have the week off that makes it harder to get things done. Since I still want to write about the details of the Overdue hat (it is only right that its final post should also be overdue) and the snood scarf (which I am now thinking of as the Pomegranate scarf because of the colours involved) I will get my ass in gear and post more often the next few days.

For now, though, I want to talk about the sock I cast on earlier today. Ravelry has a sock knitting group that issues monthly challenges. Each month there is a different designer or a new technique. The rules are you must cast on that month and then finish the pair of socks by the end of the next month. So far I have managed to complete all of the challenges. This month I have left it very late but I still want to enter. February's challenge was a new-to-you type of heel or a sock designed By Eunny Jang. I originally intended to knit a pair of Jang's entrelac socks but right now I just want to knit something simple and mindless.

This afternoon I cast on for a simple pair of toe up socks with an afterthought heel. I have never tried knitting the heel at the end so it satisfies the requirements of the challenge. It also seems appropriate to do an afterthought heel on what are essentially afterthought socks. It also lets me use up my one skein of orange Koigu. When I spotted this skein in the yarn store I couldn't leave it behind even though there was just the one. Last time I knit Koigu socks I had two skeins which worked out well but made me worry about how much of a pair of socks I could manage with only half the yarn.

My solution is to knit toe up and to add contrasting toes, heels and ribbing at the top. This way I don't have to worry about running out of yarn. I think the contrasting heels should also work well with the afterthought construction. In the picture the line of brown is where the heel will go when I'm done:

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