Sunday, February 10, 2008

Red knee socks

Thanks for the nice comments on the sweater. I washed it in hot water with some dish detergent, rinced it well in hot water and then let it soak in some Eucalan. It is now fuzzier and softer. I think this sweater will be getting lots of wear during what is left of our winter.
red knee highs
And now the promised red socks. I knit these to use up the two skeins of Shibui Sock yarn I still had as well as the leftovers from the Mingus socks. They are knit toe up and I increased two stitches every three rounds eight times for the calf shaping. I also decreased two stitches every two rounds four times at the top of the calf. They are finished off with a picot edge which I knit out of some Fortissima socka yarn in a similar colour. I would have done the picot edging with the Shibui but I ran out and needed to improvise.
red knee high
I think these may be my best fitting pair of knee highs so far. With all of the shaping I'm hoping they will stay up and not end up pooling at my ankles as some of my other socks have a tendency to do.

The colour in the photos would have been better if I had taken the pictures in daylight. There are two reasons I didn't take the pictures outside today. First it was chilly and windy and not the sort of day that encourages posing for sock pictures. Second and more important, I washed them and needed to wait until they were dry. Even speeding things along using the oven on a low setting they were not suitable to be worn until after dark.

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Meredith said...

Ah, that's okay, the pictures look fantastic even if they are sans-daylight. It's bloody cold here in SW Ontario so don't you be going outside in wet socks, young lady! Hee hee! (Yeah, I sound like my mother...) :) Beautiful socks!!