Thursday, February 7, 2008

Progressively smaller

I've so far completed a motif and a half on the yoke and two rounds of decreases. I love projects that start to speed up as you near the end.

The weather is certainly Lopi sweater appropriate. I was very glad to have a small car with a kick ass heater today. I went out and we had a half inch of ice on the windows in places. The heater did its job and I was able to clean off the car in about 10 minutes. Other people on the road hadn't been so thorough though. Gah! I guess visibility isn't worth the time.

The ice and snow did make things pretty even if it made the driving kind of nuts. I really love how snowy branches look in the sunlight.

I also love my new digital camera. Wonderful Ken, last seen on the blog in a scary balaclava, gave me a lovely little digital camera as an early birthday present. Up until now I've been using his nice but slightly clunky camera to take pictures for my blog. Now I have a camera of my own that fits into my pocket and has all kinds of crazy features. There may be a few more blog posts than usual simply as an excuse to take more pictures.

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Meredith said...

I'm all for seeing more beautiful pictures of your gorgeous knitting skills! That's awesome that you have a new camera too. :D The yoke is looking great, keep it up! Dang you are a fast knitter. :D