Monday, February 25, 2008

Overdue is done and over

Today I tucked in the last of the ends on the Overdue hat. In the next day or two I will write up my modifications and corrections and post them here. Until then I'm just happy to have to hat finished and wearable. I think we might even get some more cold weather suitable for winter hat wear.

The hat actually had some wear over the weekend. We made a trip to Toronto, in part to celebrate my birthday. It was a really nice trip. We walked, we ate, we stuck our noses in interesting stores. Remarkably I didn't buy any yarn despite going into two yarn stores. I did buy some more bobbins for my spinning wheel and a niddy noddy. I want to spin myself a sweater's worth of yarn and now I have the necessary hardware. Hurray.

Now I need to get back to knitting my scarf and maybe casting on for a pair of socks.

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