Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No knitting

Strangely enough I haven't cast anything new on since I finished the sweater and socks. I have done a gauge swatch for an overdue hat but that is about it for knitting. In the next couple of days I will probably cast on for the hat and pick out my next pair of socks.

For now I've been spending my time doing some spinning. It has been too long since I sat down with my wheel or spindle. To compensate I started spinning up some white Blue-faced Leicester on the Lendrum and some brown Blue-faced Leicester on my Turkish spindle. I'm planning to make the white into a nice three ply to use for some socks. I'm planning to make the brown into a two ply but I don't have any real plans for it once its done.

I'm really trying to get more practice spinning. The eventual plan is to spin eough for a sweater. Until then I'll keep practicing with hat and sock quantities.

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