Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New projects

Last night at the London knit group I cat on for a new sock. It is Cookie A's newest design Mingus. The design is beautiful and the subtle striping in sample sock's yarn reminded me of the ShiBui Sock yarn that I've had in my stash since my ill fated attempt to make kilt hose out of it. Of course the Shibui doesn't seem to be producing stripes with this pattern, but I'm liking the spiral that is happening instead. The yarn being red means that it doesn't photograph easily or well but this gives at least some idea of the thing:
mingus start

I thought it was funny that I brought this sock and my raven shawl to work on at knit night thinking that the sock would let me drink beer but then I ended up working on the shawl because I wasn't quite up to figuring out how the pattern on the sock worked. I did, however, manage to take some of the tedium out of doing 1x1 twisted rib thanks to great company and a glass of Guinness. This morning I was with it enough to get the pattern part of the sock worked out in my mind and started. Strangely, though, at the moment it is easier to knit the familiar lace of my shawl than the unfamiliar pattern of the sock and so I am using my lace shawl as computer knitting.

I entitled this post "new projects" because I also want to start a new blog project. I really enjoyed posting ever day in November and having that sort of commitment makes me actually sit down and type a bit rather than just thinking about it. So I will now be trying to post at least every other day. With the slowly changing shawl and no more Christmas knitting (aside form a hat that I really need to get started) I'm not sure I'll have something to show ever day but I think I should be able to work out something every other day. We'll see how this goes.


knitty_kat said...

It was nice seeing you again!! I forgot to take pics of at the Wortley though - oh well!!

Mae said...

It was great to really meet you!
Looks like the sock has progressed since Monday!!!