Saturday, January 19, 2008

Half done twice over

I have finished one of my Mingus socks. All of the ribbing and knitting though the back loops makes this a slower knit, but the result is totally worth it. Now I just need to cast on and persevere through a second sock. I may also cast on for a pair of simpler socks too; I want to take full advantage of the wool sock weather we are enjoying.

I am also half done the edging on my raven shawl. You might notice that the corner of the shawl looks a bit weird. I realized about an inch from being done the edging that I had missed a key instruction that explained how to properly start the edging. For a brief moment I thought about ripping out all of the edging and starting again but then I came to my senses. I am trying out a couple of other ideas and I hope to be able to explain my fix in my next post. I'd just ignore it except that I want to make the shawl symmetric so I need to figure out what I'm doing before I start the edging on the left side of the shawl.

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