Thursday, January 31, 2008

100 posts

So apparently this is my 100th post. If I'd been clever I would have had some sort of exciting knitting to show off. As it is I'm just plugging away at my plain red socks. I've added some inches and reached the calf increases but I don't think it counts as all that exciting.

I have also just cast on for my Lopi sweater. Since my gauge swatch needs to be done in the round I've decided to skip it and be willing to rip out the beginning of my first sleeve if I don't get the right gauge. Since I'm adding some colour work to the sleeve it should act a a pretty thorough swatch.

On second thought it seems appropriate that I am working on a sock and starting a sweater for my 100th post. Since I intend to keep posting it seems that works in progress fit better than something finished would. Maybe I'm more clever than I thought.

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