Monday, March 3, 2008

New mittens

Yes I will eventually post about the scarf and hat (maybe tomorrow) but tonight I want to post about the mittens I just started.

The only down side to my trip to Toronto last weekend was that somewhere along the way I lost one of my hand knit mittens. This is not a huge tragedy but it has left me mitten-less. My solution was to cast on for a pair of Nordic two colour mittens and hope that it is still winter by the time I've got them finished.

So far progress is good. I am working on a modification of the bird mittens in the book Knitting in the Nordic Tradition, which I got out of the library. When I first saw these mittens I thought the birds looked a bit like magpies and I love magpies and miss seeing them now I'm in Southern Ontario. I've tried to tweak the pattern a bit to make them look even more like magpies and I'm waiting to see how it turns out. So far so good I think:
magpie mittens 1


OzB said...

Hey Jenny - I had no idea that you know what magpies are! Where did you encounter them?

Joan said...

You can send me some magpies as we are still short of them.