Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy, busy

Things are busier than usual this week (and probably will be next week as well). I have had time to do a bit of spinning. I've got a two ply of white BFL that is waiting for me to spin another two ply of white BFL to ply it to. Once I've got that spun I will be on my way to hand spun socks.

I've also managed to get the scarf finished. I still need to wash it and see if I can get some of the curl out of it with a bit of blocking. I used up all of the cashmere sock yarn and my little skein of hand spun Shetland and got a scarf a bit less than 6 feet long. I'm really pleased with how this scarf turned out, though now it is finished I don't actually have anything on the needles. I will try to remedy this in the next day or two, time permitting.

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