Saturday, March 1, 2008

Making the socks of two toes

afterthought finished
A quick post because it is late and I'm ready for bed. This afternoon I finished my Afterthought Socks. These are knit from a single skein of Koigu and a part of a skein of Zwergergarn Opal on 2.75 mm needles. I worked these toe-up on 64 stitches and I think I would have been better off with 60 stitches instead. I worked each to where I thought the heel should go (I compared them to one of the other pair of toe-up socks I had laying around) knit in a bit of scrap yarn and then kept knitting until I ran out of yarn.

The first heel I knit as a standard toe, by which I mean I decreased 4 stitches every two rounds until I had 16 stitches left then I used kitchener stitch to close things up. When I put this sock on, though I didn't really like how it fit. It seems less deep than a short row heel and some of the decreases produce gaps:
afterthought heel detail
The second sock I picked up and knit a short row heel instead. Depending how these wash up I may or may not go back and reknit the heel on the first sock Since these socks don't represent a huge investment of time I might be content to have them not match exactly in the heel.

I'm not going to make this sort of heel one I use often but I like it well enough as long as I stick to short rows. I can see this would be a good heel to knit if you thought that your sock heel might wear out and that you might want to reknit it. Since I'm just finishing darning a number of socks that wore out in the hell perhaps I should rethink my plan not to knit more of these...

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knitty_kat said...

I've never tried this before. I've never had the heel dissolve on me, but the toes . . food for thought!