Saturday, December 1, 2007

Purlple hat

Last night I cast on the cuff for my second Selbuvotter mitten. Today, though, I needed something more portable to work on while I did some pre-travel laundry so I finally cast on for my nephew's hat. Last year his favorite colours were orange and yellow but this year they are purple and pink. I found a really nice royal purple Debbie Bliss merino dk which ought to be soft enough for a kid's winter hat.
purlple hat
I'm knitting from the top down because I always find that I want to fiddle with the ribbing on hats once they are finished and can be tried on properly. I'm actually planning to do a garter stitch band instead of ribbing because I liked the effect on the balaclava.

I have had a strong desire to knit a monster hat, so I am also planning on adding some horns to the sides of the hat. To keep it from looking more Viking than monster I think I will also add a green yarn Mohawk. It should be a fun and crazy winter hat.

In other 'news', November is now over and I managed to post every day (though not always to the right blog). I didn't find it terribly difficult and so I'm going to keep trying to post once a day. Since this month will have some traveling I can't promise that I will manage every single day, but it will be my goal to come as close as possible. Since I've still got a bunch of projects lined up for gifts it shouldn't get too boring.

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