Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soon with button bands

Not a great picture but I didn't want to wait for daylight. Today I knit a bottom for the sweater and one button band and then I ripped them out. I took time to take the picture between knitting and ripping.

I decided that I wanted the dark collar to go all the way to the end rather than being interupted by the button bands. I also decided that I wasn't completely crazy about the ribbing I was using for the button bands. Garter stitch seemed like a better fit. Since the bottom of the sweater is also garter stitch I decided to rip it out too and have a nice continuous band of garter stitch with mitered corners.

So now I'm working on reknitting the bottom and button bands. Once that is done I'll rip out the current collar and reknit it so that it meets. Then I will have a finished sweater. Hurray.

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