Monday, March 9, 2009

Handspun and Garter stitch

I guess it is time for my weekly update. I have a lot of spinning and knitting to show off from last week and I think I'll split it up into a few posts. Today I want to show off a couple of baby gifts that got mailed off to their new home this afternoon.

The octagonal baby blanket finally got its stars. I used this knitted stars pattern, only worked in the round. The actual colour of the blanket is somewhere between how it appears in these two photos.

I also knit up a Baby Surprise Jacket. A trip to the library got me the pattern and I had the yarn already spun up and waiting. It is the pink and green merino that I had originally intended as part of a handspun swap. It wasn't up to snuff as a skein but it knit up really beautifully. It is so soft and springy. I was really worried that I would run out of yarn since I only had about 250 yards. As it turned out I had just enough. There was only about a yard left over after I had cast off.
The jacket took about a day to knit and I would gladly knit another. It really is a very charming pattern.


Briley said...

Both projects are stunning- as usual. The stars are such a nice touch on the blanket.

Linda Shelhamer said...

Love the baby blanket. Can't believe you keep this pace of knitting and spinning.