Monday, January 12, 2009

First project of the year

I'm glad I didn't make a New Year's resolution to blog every day otherwise I would be feeling pretty disappointed about now. I'm going to blame short winter days and my inability to get decent photos taken of my WIPs for my lack of recent posts. Today, though, I finished my first project of the new year and got Ken to take some pictures while it was still light out. Yay.

This is Veronik Avery's Shocking skirt. I wanted to knit a skirt but I didn't want a light summer weight skirt that seem to required a slip which sort of undermines summer wear-ability. A nice worsted weight wool skirt seemed perfect and this is a beautiful design.

I knit it with a variety of yarns. I originally planned to knit it using Knit Pick's wool of the Andes in Chocolate and Cloud. I ordered the yarn at the same time as they yarn for Ken's sweater. Unfortunately Cloud was back ordered so the project was put on the back burner. I finally decided to use a light beige Cascade 220 with the Chocolate Wool of the Andes and Lamb's Pride's Brown Bear for the accents.

Though I bought the Lamb's Pride especially for this project it took me a while to decide if it was the right thing. I tried a dark brown handspun and a navy blue tweed
as accent yarns before deciding that the Lamb's Pride was the best of the options. Part of my indecision was fueled by the fact that I don't have much brown in my wardrobe and I'm not always sure what looks best with it.

I've been thinking of this skirt as my 'Latte with Cinnamon" skirt. The mix of dark brown and light beige remind me of milky coffee and the Lamb's Pride is the perfect cinnamon colour. Now I just need to wear it out for coffee.

Trying on my skirt for the first time made me want to mix and match some outfits:

It looks great with my Tangled Yoke. Peach and brown is one of the colour combinations that I love and tend to return to again and again. I actually thought that I might use peach yarn for the skirt accents before I decided to try something new.

I also love how it works with my Value Village Shearling coat. Now I just need some nice brown boots...


Briley said...

The skirt is amazing, and you look lovely in it. What a great FO to start the year with!

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Beautiful! You are a very talented knitter.

OzB said...

Absolutely love the skirt Jen. And I agree that the peach does it the most justice. What a brill start to the year!