Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finishing touches

Yesterday as I was writing my post about all of the spinning I've been doing I decided that I needed a quick project to knit up. Enter Thorpe using leftover yarn from a sweater that I keep promising to post about. Since I was using a heavy worsted weight yarn instead of a bulky yarn I knit the larger size and got a hat that fits my small head.

However the worsted weight yarn also gave me a thin feeling hat and since I made this hat purposely to match my heavier winter coat I decided that the hat needed to be thicker. So I cast on for a lining using the black Cascade 220 that I used for the trim.

Now my hat is nice and thick and the perfect pairing for my cold weather Hudson's Bay Blanket coat. The other benefit of knitting and sewing in the hat's lining was that it got me in the mood to do some sewing up. I dug out my partially sewn up Juno sweater and got cracking. I might actually have it as a finished object in the near future. (We shall not speak of the Tempest which also needs sewn up.)

I will post pictures of the hat tomorrow once it is dry and I have decided if I am going to embellish it with a tassel.

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