Monday, January 19, 2009

Another finished project

After finishing my Cafe Latte skirt the only project that I still had on the needles (omitting the two projects that are waiting to be seamed) was the Cliete. I dug out my red roving and spun up enough yarn to finish the last repeat. Unfortunately I used the wrong red roving (I have two batches) and the new yarn didn't have the same saturation as the rest of the shawl. It took me knitting many rows before I finally admitted to myself that it really wasn't a close enough match. So I sat down again with the other red roving and spun up some more yarn.

Once I had the right yarn, it didn't take me long to finish knitting up the shawl. I finished the bind off last Friday and then washed and blocked it. I thought about taking pictures of it yesterday but it was kind of grey and dreary. Today is also kind of grey and dreary but I took photos anyway.

The picture doesn't exactly capture the colour but it is close. When Ken saw it pinned out he said it looked like a phoenix and it really does have a fire/feather look.


OzB said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour. And I think Ken's description is purrrfect :-)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Holy cannoli! You're churning out big monstrous projects left, right and centre. I finished a pair of simple mittens last week. Beat that. I didn't even spin the worsted weight yarn - I just bought it at Michaels. :)

K said...

Oh, that is truly beautiful!

I can't see myself tackling a lace shawl any time soon, but looking at what other people have done, I'm sorely tempted.

Mae said...

Your UFO completion streak is inspiring, I have all of three projects on the needles at the moment and really have to get a gift started for a friend's baby shower.

I'm going to run over and plunge into my knitting now!