Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hat and yarn

I may have mentioned this before, having blog posts planned out seems to get in the way of my blogging. After my last post I planned to get picture of my hat and sweater taken so that I could write one post about both finished objects. I managed to snap a couple of pictures of my hat but the sweater, while finished, remains unphotographed. If I hadn't been planning a post with both items I would have certainly posted my hat photos last week.

The sweater almost got photographed today but the light wasn't bright enough, so it will just have to wait. Here are a couple of pictures of my Thorpe:

The first one shows the colour best but I like the second one because you can see more of the coat I knit the hat to match. I love this hat but I think I may knit another red hat. Thorpe is warm but somewhat hair crushing. I have vague plans for another slouchy hat to match my bright red coat.

While I don't have pictures of a sweater to complete this post, I do have some handspun pictures to share. The garnet merino from a couple of posts ago is all spun up and ready to be knit.
It is about 220 yards of DK/Worsted weight yarn. I'm still planning to use it to edge the baby blanket that I'm knitting out of handspun. It is so soft and beautiful and should go wonderfully with the Twilight Corriedale.

The other handspun I have to show off came to me as part of a swap (the swap I spun the Amethyst merino for). This is a really beautiful skein of 50/50 shetland and merino in blues and yellows and browns. I can't wait to knit this up into something. I'm thinking gloves...


OzB said...

Wow, the handspuns are gorgeous Jen! I'm deeply envious! I do plan to get me some spinning lessons and a wheel, but that is a pipe dream....I think somethere in Octember in the year of Yarn. LOL.

OzB said...

You've just been awarded the Creative Blogger award. You can read about it here -