Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Knitting flat out

I made some decent progress on the Christmas sweater today. I spent my lunch hour winding small balls of yarn since this sweater involves an intarsia section. Tonight I took advantage of my prep work and set about actually knitting part of the intarsia. I have a bunch of ends to tuck in but the knitting was mercifully quick and mindless.

Since I wanted to knit this sweater in the round and using stranded knitting instead of intarsia was very impractical, I cast on in the round but am knitting the colour work section flat in two pieces. I will then join back into the round and sew two short sections of seam at the finishing stage. To make this work neatly I increased 4 stitches right before I started to knit flat so that my seamed section wouldn't be narrower than the seamless sections. In theory this should work. In theory.

Thankfully my brother will enjoy his Charlie Brown sweater enough to make all of this fiddling worthwhile.


elan said...

Wow, now I know who to talk to when we do You're a Good Man Charlie Brown next year!

OzB said...

Jeez, you're brilliant Jen! I never thought to knit back and forth for the intarsia and then go back to knitting in the round! Thank you for opening my mind!