Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas hats and a list

I've shown off the completed Christmas sweater but not the hats I was making. The first hat is the green fish hat, last seen missing only its eyes. The second hat is an off the cuff smaller version of the fish hat that I knit when I realized that I still had nothing to give my baby nephew, whom I was going to see the next day. The bodies of both fish are made of handspun yarn and the mouths, fins and tails are Briggs & Little Softspun. I couldn't be happier with how these hats turned out:

Since it is New Year's eve, I had a look at Ravelry to see what projects I finished this year. I'm quite pleased with just how many things I've knit:
1 baby blanket
1 skirt
1 scarf
1 shawl
1 pair of gloves (still unblogged)
1 pair of mitts
5 hats (two of which were for a baby)
7 sweaters (two of which for babies, and 4 of which were for me)
14 pairs of socks (5 of which were ankle socks)

Only three of these projects were started before the beginning of the year, the rest were started and completed in 2009. I'm also happy to say that 11 projects used yarn I made.

I've very pleased with this tally. With all of the upheaval that occurred this year I can't say that my knitting has really suffered. With tonight's forecast of -33 degree weather, I'm really thankful to be going into the new year with a lot of knitted wool clothes.

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OzB said...

Very impressive J! That's a lot of knitting.

-33C? Blah, you can keep it LOL.