Monday, December 14, 2009


The Christmas sweater is progressing well. I ran out of yarn just short of the saddle shoulders, but I've found a solution that should work. I have pictures of this solution in progress and I promise to share soon.

First, though, I have to share a secret project from the summer:

Now that the winter knitty is up, I can share some of my summer sample knitting. Back in July I answered a call for sample knitters posted by Sarah Sutherland on Ravelry. We met and I took the job of knitting the sample of her 'Four Corners in Tokyo' sweater. It was an interesting and fun pattern, and getting paid to knit it was just the icing on the cake. I'm happy I get to add it to my Ravelry projects and write about it, now that it isn't so secret.

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OzB said...

Hmmm...interesting knit. Not sure that I'm in love with it - perhaps it's just because it's so different?? What do you think of it J?